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Useful Resources

Scratch and Variants

Scratch 2.0 beta 

Browser-based. Flash enabled version of Scratch - can easily be embedded into Google Sites pages

BYOB: build your own blocks

SNAP! 4.0 now in beta - html 5 based Scratch variant that runs in a browser window.

S4A - Scratch for Arduino. Can be used to control tethered robots (connected to computer) 

Enchanting - a Scratch environment for Lego NXT robots

Programming in General
How to think like a computer scientist 


Makey Makey

Raspberry Pi



jquery - a javascript library of special effects to add interactivity to web pages quickly and easily

Other Languages

Greenfoot - a Java programming environment designed to teach young people to program through games design. More complex code can be effectively 'hidden' until the students are capable of working with it.

Eclipse and the ADK

MIT App inventor

Competition and Collaboration

Google Science Fair

Google Code In




Global Virtual Classroom