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Turning ideas into reality

There's a big banner in my classroom that says

Computer Science: Turning Ideas Into Reality

It's not an idle boast. Being able to program a computer or build a robot gives you access to tools that help you solve a far wider range of problems. It's also very similar to one of the slogans used for Code Week in the EU - Coding: Bringing Ideas to Life

One thing that amazes me is the creativity of my students as they develop new skills

In this presentation, I plan to cover 

The case for creativity:
examples of student ideas exceeding a teacher's  expectations

The coded option:
cross-curricular application of programming skills

The continual capture of evidence:
using Google Sites to aid in formative assessment

The collation and evaluation of projects:
using Google Sites as a virtual binder

The control technology factor:
projects that integrate real and virtual worlds

Turning Ideas Into Reality

What Next?
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The Year of Code

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